Saturday, November 4, 2017

Reptilian Illuminati - (2017) Dark-Light

Reptilian  Illimunati are a new and inspiring band from Australia. Seemingly crawling out of the woodwork to release a multi-textured, sonic and almost disturbing concept album about aliens, alien abduction and all things otherworldly.

The Reptilians pull this off by exercising creepy, 50's era sound-bytes in-between and around the album. I'm not sure why but little clips from TV and movies always seem cool when used as intros to songs. Bands have been using this technique since I can remember and I always enjoy it.

The clips are set perfectly throughout the album to offset what really sells the concept of the recording. What I'm referring to is, of course, the music. Down-tuned doom metal with plenty of changes throughout... and most often, within the same track. Really giving the album the shade and shine it needs to be memorable. One second knocking you over the head, then the next sending you on a spaced-out acid trip to Uranus.

I've been hearing a lot of really good instrumental stuff lately. Previously closed minded a bit to bands that omit vocals, Reptilian Illuminati have the guts and the talent to pull it off. Production wise, it sounds absolutely huge too. 

Dark/Light is one of the most interesting things I've heard this year, and certainly one of the best instrumental concept albums in a very long time. Check it out on Bandcamp, and put your peepers on their new video for the song "Valentich".   -Adam Walsh

Friday, May 5, 2017

Rodeo - (2017) Rodeo

Rodeo is a stoner rock band from Zestoa, Spain. Their take on rock is one to be heard by all the followers of the scene, both new and old.

I take it upon myself to check out everything that floats down the river of the "stoner rock" canal. Believe you me, that's an unrelenting task sometimes. You have to wade through murky waters, where others fear to tread. Every once in awhile it pays off and you come across something pretty special. Rodeo is one those times.

Not being sung in English is already one strike against the typical music I enjoy, so when an album is completely in Basque it really has to have something going on to keep my attention. The self-titled debut from Rodeo here has that attention gathering thing going on and the Basque vocals do not distract from the grooves that lay within the melodies.

The influences are quite clear right out of the gate, you can tell these guys have a love for all things Kyuss and it shows throughout the album. Kyuss being one of my favorite bands of all time, I get that. I never get tired of hearing that type of desert rock inspiration. I'm willing to bet they even named the band after the Kyuss song but that's just a guess.
(Update: Confirmed by the band. I love being right.)

Some might say it's just another "cloner band" or that the stoner rock scene is drying up and that everything being released is just a regurgitation of something else. I say, that's been the case since day one in music, everything is borrowed from something else. Rodeo puts their own spin on a tried and true formula that has my ears quite pleased. Too much of a good thing is never enough. Bandcamp.

 -Adam Walsh

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Monolithic Elephant - (2017) Monolithic Elephant

Monolithic Elephant is a power trio from Milan, Italy. The band produces a solid foundation of downtrodden and down-tuned riffs, thundering bass lines and penchant for keeping things interesting.

Their debut self-titled album has so much going on during its six lengthy tracks, it would really be hard to pigeon-hole them into one genre. There's an affinity for doom, a bit of psychedelia, some progressive song structures and a spacey, almost droned-out ambiance going on within most of the songs, often within the same track. It's this kind of variation that really floats my boat.

The band cites influences from wide array of musicians and bands. Ranging from the usual suspects like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age and Pink Floyd, to a little more off the wall ones like Emerson Lake and Palmer and Radiohead. I can definitely hear these influences coming through in the music and it makes for an interesting listen.  -Adam Walsh

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